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DIY Hemp Oil & Salve

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DIY Hemp 'all in one jar' Oil and Salve

Make your own hemp infused oil and salve in just a few hours!

Infuse OIL for cooking and massage OR add beeswax to make a SALVE (up to 15 oz!)

How to DIY hemp 'all in one jar' oil and salve :

- In oven, bake hemp in provided jar.
- Simmer hemp and oil in jar in a hot water bath.
- Strain oil with muslin bag.  
- For salve, melt beeswax and oil in jar in a hot water bath.
- Pour into containers.

Detailed directions inside label.

Included in DIY Hemp 'all in one jar' oil and salve:

1 oz Clean Green certified Vermont hemp flowers, 2 oz Vermont beeswax, organic muslin straining bag, instruction sheet (on back side of label).

Not included (you will need):
- 2 cups of food grade oil(preferably organic with a medium to high smoke point).
- Medium Saucepan, 24+oz bowl, oven mitts, stirring utensill, oven.

Optional: containers for salve, aluminum foil, enclosed baking dish.

Please email for labs.

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