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Education for individuals and group events for any level of knowledge and experience, from beginners to experts.  

Individual Patient, Caregiver and Healthcare Provider Education  

Group Workshops and Presentations

Topics Include (but are not limited to):

  • Cannabis 101

  • Understanding the endocannabinoid system

  • The science behind medical cannabis

  • How to pick and choose your cannabis medicine

  • The many modes of administration and cannabis supplementation

  • DIY Medicine Making and Herbalism

  • Cultivation, farming and Caregiving

Jessilyn’s detailed and accessible education and presentations will help give you the foundation you need to make informed decisions, and help you take control of your own healing and medication choices. 

Keynote Speaking

Educate and empower your audience.

Jessilyn is a dynamic speaker with decades of herbal and cannabis knowledge, and experience as both a medical professional and cannabis patient. She’s been presenting all over the country, educating and advocating for vulnerable families, patients, and plants, and has something to offer audiences of all knowledge and experience levels. 

Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Clean Cannabis - Beyond Organic

  • Cultivating Patient and Caregiver

  • Pregnancy and Human Milk Feeding

  • Opioids and Opioid Use Disorder

  • Politics and Activism

  • Prohibition and Social Justice

Jessilyn can tailor her presentations to your individual interest and needs.

Custom workshops, packages, and instruction available.

Email Jessilyn at to explore more, discover how Jessilyn’s knowledge and passion can enhance your next event, and to schedule today!

Disclaimer:  The information provided is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, provide medical advice, or otherwise replace consultation with a qualified medical or health provider.

CBD and Hemp products are subject to federal, state and local statutes and regulations. NurseGrown Organics are produced and sold in compliance with the federal laws, and the laws and regulations of the State of Vermont. Purchasers are responsible for compliance with all the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions wherein they reside or do business, and assume all liability arising from their ownership or activities. 


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