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August, 2022: Cannabinoid and terpene of the month, NurseGrown sale, Nurse hotline sponsorship benefits, Green Mountain Patients Alliance, Last Prisoner Project goes digital...

July, 2022: The newsletter transitions from NurseGrown Organics to include cannabis and the emerging Vermont adult use market! A mom and son duo and interview with Ganjier. Free shipping, racial reckoning in DC, Clean Green certifications, budtender trainings and FREE nurse hotlines! NECANN VT and strain reviews for the finale!

June, 2022:Jessilyn returns to California, Juneteenth salutes and 19% OFF all sales, Reefer Madness, an interview American Cannabis news, Clean Green and bioremediation, and as always a prisoner in need of love.

May 2022: Jessilyn shares news of her Ganjier certification, we have a sale on CBN:CBD oil, we have blogs about the differences between oils, how to meditate, and how cannabis can help with arthritis, we profile Bryan Duane Reid from The Last Prisoner Project, promote our New Moon Giveaway, and share news from affiliates Jamie Rollins, Vanessa Cruz, and C.J. Spotswood.

April 2022: Jessilyn recounts her trip to CannX in Tel Aviv, we tale 20% off balms for 4/20 and Earth Day, we share a research collaboration with Cannabis Center of Excellence, explore how CBD might work for you, test out an ancient recipe for Bhang, profile Horacio Estrada-Elias from The Last Prisoner Project, and share event announcements from affiliates Stephanie Boucher, April Hatch, and C.J. Spotswood.

March 2022: We were all off doing things. Hope you had a great March!

February 2022: In honor of Valentine's Day we offer 15% off CBD:CBDA hemp oil, talk about cannabis and sex, heart health and cannabinoids, profile Daniel Martinez from The Last Prisoner Project, talk about the importance of cannabis nomenclature, using cannabis to manage cancer symptoms, share tips on advocacy, and talk about Jessilyn's upcoming trip to present a paper at the International Medical Cannabis Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel with world renowned researcher and professor Raphael Mechoulam, who discovered THC.

January 2022: Wolf Moon (and a Vermont snowstorm) mean free orange chewables, a meditation on handling depression, thoughts about Martin Luther King's own mental health challenges, a customer survey, tips for maintaining New Year's resolutions, a Kombucha recipe, a profile of Donyale Holloway from The Last Prisoner Project, and welcomes to partner Cannamommy and affiliates, Michele Morris and Zannie Pugliese.

December 2021: The Cold Moon holiday newsletter brings you 22% Off Hemp CBD Oil, a farm update from Matt, Jessilyn's explanation of why NGO isn't sold in stores, a salt scrub recipe (great for making gifts), a profile of Juanita Maria Kinsey from The Last Prisoner Project, and a welcome to 2 new affiliates.

November 2021: The Beaver Moon (also the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century) brings 20% Off Massage Oil & Pet Oil, the rollout of our new CBG oil, a companion blog about CBG, a profile of Rudi Gammo from The Last Prisoner Project, a poem from Wendell Berry, calendar news from Jessilyn, info about terpenes, and a welcome to four new affiliates!  

October 2021: The Hunter's Moon brings a sale on Elderberry Chewables, a preview of our new CBG oil, a chance to write cannabis prisoner Parker Coleman, an introduction to Jamie Rollins (she/hers), our new Director of Affiliate Engagement (who also writes a piece about yogic breathing, a great chai recipe, a welcome to new affiliate Wendy Jones, and more!

September 2021: September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and we have a sale on our Cannabis Journal, as well as our Hemp Mask. We share a letter writing opportunity from The Last Prisoner Project, Cannabis Growing 101: Drying And Curing, a piece about Autoimmune Conditions and Cannabinoids, CBD 101 from Jessilyn, we welcome ANA-VT's new vice president Dionne Heyliger, share info about Traveling With CBD, how to support your fall health with CBD, welcome partner 1% for the Planet, and more!

August 2021: The Sturgeon Moon brings us new balm, a pet CBD sale, a letter-writing opportunity from The Last Prisoner Project, a farm update, news from our nurse affiliates, tips on herbs for breathing, yoga for calming, and general self-care practices, info about the terpene phellandrene, and an invite to participate in our Naked Cannabis Farmer 2022 Calendar!

July 2021: The midsummer Buck Moon offers a new, tastier chewable recipe, free shipping, the story of how we got started with our biz, a profile of a cannabis prisoner, tasty info about plantain, quotable quotes, our Earth-tending philosophy, an articulation of the value of a cannabis nurse consultation, a celebration of cover crops, terpenes, The Microdosing Guidebook pre-sale, welcome to new affiliates and partners, and more!

June 2021: Lit by the Strawberry Moon, we're going full speed on our farm, offer half off our Cannabis Journal, announce Jessilyn's appointment to the Board of the Vermont Forensic Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, discuss the herbal power of Cleavers, extoll the virtues of outdoor yoga, highlight several kinds of terpenes, call out the value of mental health for men, talk about how cannabis helps heal PTSD, encourage folks to speak out about ending disparities in cocaine sentencing, welcome a new affiliate, and herald the movement to decriminalize entheogenic plants.

May 2021: Graced by an Everything Moon (Flower/Frog/Corn Planting Moon/Blood Moon and host to a Full Lunar Eclipse!), we're starting to plant this year's crop and share a justice testimonial from Nurse Affiliate, Merced Maceda. We've also got a sale on t-shirts and bags, introduce our Sweet Orange chewables, and discuss the value of female plants. Jessilyn also gets interviewed on local news about the VTCNA/ANA-VT cannabis education program, we highlight Brain Cancer Awareness Month, talk about terpenes, share a pro-cannabis letter to an anti-cannabis legislator, celebrate Naked Farmer Day, welcome new affiliates, and more!!!

April 2021: It's a Pink Supermoon this month, and we're turning our attention to planting! Our Deeply Rooted massage oil is on sale, we've got a detailed explanation of Conscious Cannabis, a new product announcement, lots of cannabis nurse educational opportunities, a spotlight on the terpene Geraniol, herbalist info about violets, a welcome to NGO communications director Kathryn Blume, and kudos for our resident ethogenic nurse C.J. Spotswood.

March 2021: The Worm Moon marks our passage into early spring, complete with an explanation of why we orient ourselves around the lunar cycle, testimonials about the potency of our CBD hemp oil tincture, a hemp mask sale, a new formula announcement for our capsules, an announcement about Vermont State NURSE Legislation Day, info about terpenes, recycling in the cannabis industry, a beautiful story about the emotional value of coloring, and a welcome to new team members!

February 2021: Feburary's Cold Moon isn't chilling our love for Oregon CBD, the source of all our beautiful hemp seeds! We've got more customer testimonials, a BOGO sale (buy hemp capsules, get massage oil), updates on important Vermont legislation - including a bill to decriminalize entheogenic plants, big love for Gorilla Zkittlez, tons of terpenes, spring medicinal plant IDs, the joy and value of a CBD massage, and a huge welcome to more team members!

January 2021: It's the Wolf Moon and our newsletter is chock full of news of note and interest! From customer testimonials to new sale offers for Valentine's Day and an in-depth look at #9 Hammer. We've got great tips from affiliate nurses including a bone both recipe that is amazing and a welcome for our new team members. And finally, a congratulations to one of our affiliates Nurse Susan Lyn Kupiec, Vice President of Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, who ELOPED on January 18! 

December 2020: The last newsletter of the year features the Cold Moon and an update on seeds, announcement of the officers for the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, and a new mask featuring Cannabis Leaves! Apex, a cross of Mandarin Cookies and Lilac Diesel Bx3 by Ethos is ready for harvest, and we breakdown the terpenes of this beautiful plant. Finally we highlight some great tips from our nurses and introduce two new nurses to our team!

November 2020: The Beaver Moon issue features an introduction to Zuko and Tandy, our new security team! We are also excited to share some new products and are thrilled to announce that Jessilyn has been named to the American Cannabis Nurses Association's board of directors. As always we have great tips from our nurses and are excited to have two new nurses join our team!

Blue Moon/Halloween: Our Blue Moon/Halloween issue celebrates the end of harvest, introduces new team members, an overview of S.54, the Tax and Regulated Adult Use Cannabis Bill, and a highlight of one of our cultivars, Blueberry Muffins. We have some great tips from our nurses this issue as well, including taking a bath, balm and the knees, and information on CBDA.

October 2020: The Harvest Moon issue features a look at how we select our cultivars, new product announcements, and updates on using CBD for stress and anxiety, and the difference between smoking and vaping. We also celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and welcome two new affiliates!

September 2020: The Corn Moon issue features product specials and an announcement about Jessilyn and the American Cannabis Nurses Association, a story about Cannabis and Covid-19, and patient testimonials.

August 2020: Our first newsletter was sent out under the Sturgeon Moon and features CBD product updates, tips and tricks from awesome Cannabis Nurses and a Medical Marijuana Update about Salmon River OG by Dynasty Genetics.


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