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 My Colorful, Creative Cannabis Experience

My Colorful, Creative Cannabis Experience

Posted by Erica Bradford, RN on 8th Mar 2021

As a child, I loved coloring and vividly remember pulling out my coloring books and big tin of crayons to begin making my masterpieces. The beautiful, vibrant pages would hang on my walls, and our refrigerator - pretty much the same as many of your youthful works of art.

I loved so much about the act of coloring, but one thing I never thought of during these moments was the creativity and calmness that it provided for me. I guess as a child we don’t usually try to find ways to relax or chill, we just live in the moment, take whatever we feel, and roll with it.

As I got older, coloring books became a thing of the past, a child’s form of play. I was too grown, and had too many responsibilities to sit and color. What mother, wife, and/or just grown ass woman has time to doodle, make pictures, pull out crayons or colored pencils, and fall into a moment of peace and bliss?

Well, I am here to tell you, we all should take back that childhood activity as part of our self care time. Listen, it’s not just me telling you to woosah your way to peace and bliss with coloring, there is research to support this. According to a 2006 study, many women with cancer find mindfulness art therapy reduces their depression and anxiety.

Compliments of Erica Bradford

There is also a more recent study of undergraduate students using art therapy. They found that coloring mandalas helped participants reduce anxiety and gave them a meditative sense of calm.

Who would have thought all those years ago, as children, we were already engaged in meditation, and were unconsciously maintaining a meditative state just by coloring? Now it makes perfect sense that children are filled with such wonder and bliss, and can have some of the most creative thoughts. Through the simple act of coloring, they’ve actually been giving their brains rest, and surrendering to pleasure.

Think of how things might be different for us in our lives, if we, too, rediscovered this simple pathway to peace. For me, coloring has become one of my favorite chill activities. I love it when it’s just me, a few new coloring books, and some new NurseGrown Organics Hemp Pre-Rolls to try out.

As I crack open the pack of pre-rolls, the amazing aroma takes over my senses, and I immediately get excited for the unknown goodness to come. I grab my new favorite coloring book My Vag, A Rhyming Coloring Book, it is full of interesting images and hilarious rhymes that make embracing all parts of me, quite splendid.

I’ve learned through meditation - and now with coloring - that there are so many ways I can surrender to a process that leads to both pleasure and self discovery. 

The biggest part of coloring for me is, I love that I’m creating amazing pieces of art that won’t be judged by anyone, but will be embraced by one who matters most - Me. As my music plays in the background, I begin to melt into the pages, I follow no guidelines or standards of what colors to use. I just pick up a crayon or pencil, take a toke, and go to playful, pleasure filled work.

I truly see what those research studies were saying, this is very similar to the feeling I get with meditation; calmness wrapped in a feel-good chill that seems to have me floating. Let’s also not forget the influence the pre-roll had on releasing all the creative juices on the page.

The end result is quite beautiful, and beauty is all that really matters as I color. I feel so relaxed as my worries melt away. I feel a sense of peace, and no need to return to states of chronic stress.

I’ve learned through meditation - and now with coloring - that there are so many ways I can surrender to a process that leads to both pleasure and self discovery. The feelings I’m afraid may take me over, or issues in my life I feel so unsure about, seem to be much clearer after I take time to let my brain and wondering mind rest.

I’ve learned that nurturing my internal harmony is as important as taking care of my body.

I also know I need to maintain my daily cannabis dose (in various forms depending on what my body needs) to promote and maintain balance within my body-mind system. I’ve learned that nurturing my internal harmony is as important as taking care of my body.

When you live with less stress, when you find time to enjoy play and pleasure, when you listen to your body and follow its guide, you will see a physical difference in yourself - not just in how you look, but also in how you act, behave, think, what you say or better yet, what you don’t say. In fact, for me, learning when to let go and when to be silent was a big part of my transformation.

These moments of change and growth are what helps create balance and when you live balanced, you're living delicious!

Sounds tasty right? Yes, it is! If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, let’s set up some time to talk, discover your goals, and begin to create your version of a delicious life!

References: 3 Reasons Adult Coloring Can Actually Relax Your Brain

Photos by Taru Huhkio and Customerbox on Unsplash

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