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Balasana: For The Love Of Child's Pose

Balasana: For The Love Of Child's Pose

Posted by Jamie Rollins RN, BSN, CYT (she/her) on 21st Aug 2021

Surrender, Restore, Nurture: are three words that immediately come to mind when I think of child's pose, or balasana, the sanskirt term for the posture of bowing to ones's self and to all that is. 

When the world feels so overwhelming that I don't know WHAT to do next, I drop down into this pose to get myself together. Look at the way this pose seems to put us back into the womb where we are safe and supported.

This pose can be used to quiet the body and the mind, and help you look inward to find peace. In yoga classes this is the pose you are often instructed to come back to at any point during class you need to reset or rest.

I encourage you to try this pose yourself. Feel your breath push your belly against your thighs. Feel your shoulder blades widen across your back with each inhale.

Feel your head, neck and shoulders relax with each exhale. Feel yourself sink in, let go.

As we get into the depths of the summer heat remember to pause and surrender and let mother earth support you.

Photo by Balu Gáspár on Unsplash

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