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CBD and Self-Reflection During Stressful Times: A Case Study

CBD and Self-Reflection During Stressful Times: A Case Study

Posted by Sandra Guynes, MSN, RN on 30th Sep 2020

Sandra Guynes, MSN, RNIt’s a new school year and for the first time in our history many parents are faced with homeschooling their kids and working from home or outside of the home.

Anxiety, stress and insomnia is definitely bringing many parents in seeking support. Looking back at this months consults 9 out of 10 reported increased anxiety and stress due to homeschooling and juggling the work/life balance of the “new normal.”

One client reported trouble sleeping and feeling stress and anxiety to the point of panic. Even before the day would begin she’d be up worrying about the her children’s mental health, possible learning setbacks along with distance learning challenges. She reported feeling overwhelmed, crying often and episodes of                                                                  anxiety that consumed her most days.

To help with immediate relief, she tried a three step approach to handling her day.

  • Step 1: Self reflection and positive mantra setting. Think of one good thing accomplished the day before. Followed by a simple positive intention or mantra. “Today will be better than yesterday” or “You are ok, you are safe, you are doing a good job.” she stuck with “Today I will breathe and with each breathe I will manage the next step.”
  • Steps 2 and 3: Enjoy a routine of NurseGrown Organics CBD smokable flower which takes effect within seconds to a couple of minutes followed by a dropper of NurseGrown Organics CBD oil each morning.

Picture of home schooling parent and child. Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Client self report: "I didn’t think I’d enjoy “smoking” but I find that using a herb vape pen has helped me keep this routine going without the harms to my lungs. Honestly, each step helps me create a quiet baseline and blank slate to help manage my day. Distance learning is still a freaking challenge but I feel like I can breathe and be more patient/available. I changed up the routine but kept the time to reflect and have my morning flower and oil as a way to prepare my mind and body for the day. Now I do the reflection on my accomplishments each night no matter how small. Thankful to keep these kids alive!"

This case report is for educational purposes. Always consult your healthcare provider for advice, diagnosis and care.

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