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CBN: Some Things Get Better With Age

CBN: Some Things Get Better With Age

Posted by Jessilyn Dolan (she/her) on 19th Jan 2022

Of the hundred-plus chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant, people tend to be most familiar with THC for its psychoactive properties, and CBD, for its calming, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory effects.

However, another common compound – and the first in the cannabinoid community to be discovered – is Cannabinol (CBN). CBN, which has mild to no psychoactive effects, is generally found in aged and/or heated cannabis. In fact, some 2700 year old cannabis was recently found in an excavated grave in China, and contained more CBN than any other compound. It also tends to be present in traditionally made hashish.

“Anyone who has relit a stubbed out joint or cornered a bowl will tell you that cannabis that’s already been exposed to heat is going to bring on a high that’s more mellow,” explains Revolutionary Clinics Training and Development Manager Andrew Elk. “The reason for that,” he adds, “is the small amounts of CBN that’s been created within the burnt flower that gets into your lungs as you consume the rest of the material.”

CBN is considered by many consumers to be non- or mildly psychoactive, but extremely effective when treating anxiety. Studies have also reported CBN’s possible potential capacity to delay the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and potential to effectively treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an antibiotic-resistant form of staph infection.

CBN is also thought to increase appetite, relieve pain, and inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

When THC oxidizes, or when it is exposed to oxygen and or heat over time, it converts to CBN.

According to Medical Jane, topical uses have also shown promise in treating burns and psoriasis, and some early studies have suggested CBN could stimulate bone growth, possibly helpful in treating osteoporosis and helping broken bones to heal more quickly. CBN also appears to be an effective treatment for glaucoma, and may have powerful anti-convulsant properties, which could make it a valuable treatment for epilepsy.

CBN may also be helpful for treating insomnia. In fact, according to our friends at Steep Hill Labs, in California, 5mg of CBN is as effective as a 10 mg dose of Valium, a commonly prescribed pharmaceutical sedative.

Steep Hill writes that “CBN is synergistic with both CBD and THC for inducement of sleeping. When mixed in the correct ratios, CBN becomes an effective sleep aid of five to six hours duration.”

CBN rarely exceeds 1% in typical fresh-dried flower, so how do we find and use CBN, besides purchasing it at a dispensary?

When THC oxidizes, or when it is exposed to oxygen and or heat over time, it converts to CBN. Aged or poorly stored cannabis is likely to have higher levels of CBN than fresh flower in an airtight container. Some patients who use vaporizers save their leftover vaporized cannabis to make into CBN bedtime medicine. That is practicality and economic brilliance at its best!

Fortunately, there’s an even easier way to get CBN, which is from the hemp plant and right here at NurseGrown Organics! Along with our CBG, CBD, and 5:1 CBD:CBDA, NurseGrown offers a 1:1 CBD:CBN hemp oil, to give you access to an additional suite of therapeutic possibilities and enjoy the benefits of CBN!

Photos by Freddy Kearney and Aaron Andrew Ang on Unsplash

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