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Essential Oil Profile: Lavender

Essential Oil Profile: Lavender

Posted by Kamron Keep, BSN, RN on 10th Feb 2021

There are certain fragrances that help to calm our spirit and have the ability to connect us with the rhythms of our body and nature. Lavender is one such plant ally. It’s easily one of the most popular and helpful essential oils in aromatherapy.

Plant Part Used: Lavender essential oil is extracted from flowering tops and some leaves by steam distillation or solvent extraction. There are 45 species and 450 varieties of lavender, each with their own special gifts and benefits. Consequently, it’s very important to know your product and source so you know which type of lavender you’re working with, because they will have very different properties, aromas and benefits.

Potential Benefits: Lavender is very harmonizing for the nervous system and can help with tension, depression, nervousness, and with those who tend to be more sensitive in general. It’s wonderful if you’re having a hard time winding down and settling into sleep.

Lavender is also very soothing and healing for the skin. It's highly anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It may also help with pain from osteoarthritis. Lavender has many potential benefits and is a good essential oil to have in your wellness kit - if you enjoy the aroma, of course!

Safety Considerations: Another benefit of Lavender is that it’s a very safe and gentle essential oil for topical use. However, there are some reported cases of skin sensitivity. You also want to know how old your oil is, it shouldn’t be used on the skin if it’s older than 6 months or hasn’t been stored properly. The older oils are still amazing for inhalation though!

Always dilute your essential oils when using them on the skin and do not take them internally. Be sure to seek qualified assistance when using essential oils with children, the elderly, while pregnant or with other chronic health conditions. 

Photos by Christin Hume and Tiara Leitzman on Unsplash

Disclaimer: The information provided is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, provide medical advice, or otherwise replace consultation with a qualified medical or health provider.

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