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How We Got Started

How We Got Started

Posted by Jessilyn Dolan on 15th Jul 2021

One big part of our story - that somehow we don’t speak much about - is how we got started.

When we started to grow hemp, we intended to do it in a way that would help other farmers learn to grow the cleanest cannabis possible, while creating a vibrant and sustainable hemp farming community.

Our original business, H.E.M.P. Horticultural Excellence Medicinal Perfection, was a grower consultancy group focused on educating Vermonters about the details of cannabis cultivation and cannabis-based medicine, and establishing a supportive network and symbiotic partnership in cultivating hemp.

We have always been committed to establishing a top shelf industry standard for the Vermont brand and our hemp community, and our mission at H.E.M.P. was to build an environmentally sustainable and economically viable hemp farming community and medicinal retail market, and to grow and craft the highest quality hemp and medicinal cannabis products.

As long-time cannabis growers, we are devoted to our agricultural art, and want to work with others to help enrich and enhance their lives through hemp cultivation.

As stewards of the land, we are fully dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources, building healthy, biologically active soils, and following strict organic practices and principles to ensure that our cannabis medicine is clean and pure.

Ironically, even though we’re devoted farmers, we don’t actually have our own agricultural land - though we do grow much of our smokable flower in grow bags and beds scattered throughout the yard at my house.

So, to grow hemp at a commercial scale, we took to partnering with folks who had land, but not much growing knowledge. Our first year, we partnered with a young couple in Washington County, Vermont and helped them learn to grow for the first time. They started their own hemp product line and company, which is still going strong today!

In our second year, we grew on an elderly widow’s former livestock farm in Franklin County to help her pay her taxes and keep the land, and on the property of a Maple Syrup farmer near the Canadian border, who was learning to grow hemp as part of their bankruptcy recovery efforts.

Come year three, we worked with a retired Vermonter in Windham County and taught him how to grow hemp and start a CBD company. From seed to shelf, he now has an up-and-coming business!

As much as we loved helping others learn to grow, and sharing our love and knowledge of this plant, we never actually planned to start a product company.

However, as a nurse and herbalist, I’m very picky about what I recommend to patients and medical colleagues. Whether due to a lack of lab testing, transparency around extraction methods, or unrealistic medical claims, I couldn’t find a product I was 100% happy with.

Ultimately, I decided to create something I could feel comfortable giving to vulnerable medical patients, recommend to medical colleagues - who often don't know enough about cannabis - and to my own loved ones.

And so NurseGrown Organics was born! We are Clean Green Certified - which means we go above and beyond USDA organic standards, including responsible and sustainable farming practices, All our products are Full Panel Third Party Lab Tested (the gold standard). They’re also made by a nurse and herbalist, formulated with organic food grade ethanol extraction, and always contain all organic ingredients!

This is where we get our tagline: Cannabis Products You Can Trust!

Everyone on the team at NurseGrown prides themselves on being advocates for clean cannabis and patients, and we love educating patients and medical professionals alike. We also work with nurses across the country through our nurse affiliate/commision program.

This helps nurses recommend the best and highest quality hemp products, as well as assures that consumers have a local, well-educated medical professional to help them with their educational needs and address any questions or concerns they may have.

From our earth-honoring farming practices and the stuff we put in your bottle of CBD, to the way the business shaped itself, we are thrilled and honored to be at your service and provide you with the cleanest, best-quality cannabis possible.

The last few years have felt like a dream come true, and we thank you for being part of our dream and our journey. 

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