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Is This Pain Real?

Is This Pain Real?

Posted by Kimberly Stinson (she/her), RN, BSN on 16th Feb 2022

When I first learned about Fibromyalgia in nursing school, some said it was psychosomatic - or a made up - illness. As a nurse, though I know the signs and symptoms of the illness, I find that I constantly doubt myself and the truth of my own experience, as a Fibromyalgia patient.

Science has come a long way since I was in nursing school, with supporting research finally confirming Fibromyalgia symptomatology and diagnostic criteria. Supporting research also believes one's personality is formed by six years of age, and for those who grew up with a lot of self-doubt, it may be difficult to trust how your own body's symptoms lead to a proper diagnosis.

As an admitted self-doubter and being raised without nurturing parents, I was taught not to share feelings that could be too uncomfortable for others to bear. Being dismissed, ignored, or declared wrong, it makes sense that I wouldn’t trust how I was feeling when my body started to fail me.

Throughout my nursing career, I have come to understand that this constant questioning by others led me to not trust my own experience and symptoms - including the effects of Fibromyalgia.

Fortunately, this experience and realization has helped me help my patients. Learning how to do the work, do the research, and encourage my own self belief and self trust, with cannabis as my ally, I will continue to heal my soul wounds, calm my anxiety, and in turn reduce my Fibromyalgia symptoms, with some much needed mind and body rest.

To all my fellow Fibromyalgia warriors, know that your symptoms are real. To all my patients, know I am here for you and with you. I will never stop advocating for you, or myself. We deserve to be heard, acknowledged and feel well!

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