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PTSD, Art, Love, Healing, and Cannabis

PTSD, Art, Love, Healing, and Cannabis

Posted by Matthew de la Tour, Author and Patient on 10th Jun 2021

From the ancient world we have stories of victory that inspire us. We, as humans, grow as plants and trees to provide shade that we may never sit in. When our earth walk ends, will our voices remain loud and clear?

I have one voice. I am a self taught artist who has overcome autism and sexual abuse with the aid of plants. Cannabis has healed me. She is waiting to help, heal, and inspire others with her loving kindness. I will always use my creative essence to promote the benefits of cannabis and art in our complex society.

Every person is an individual, and every individual is a world like no other. We must become aware. Consciousness is awareness. We must make the subconscious conscious.

Do you think Mother Earth is happy today? Is she proud of all the blood seeping into her soil? Mother Earth is just, but Her actions can be terrible for those who violate Her. Why must we ask permission for freedom in this realm?

If plants could talk, we would arrest them! Start a war with them! I have fought this hypocrisy for my entire life. This war on people has gone on long enough.

Our minds are gateways. Cannabis is my guide.

Is it your body if you cannot decide what goes into it? While others are held in state run camps captive please do not consider your Self free!

We all have lived to tell a story worth telling. With my one voice I will always promote truth through my art in our world of hypocrisy. My art begins in my mind and portal to my glorious realm of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

Our minds are gateways. Cannabis is my guide. Art is communication and the best paintings allow us to not only think but to feel. This sense of consciousness is meant to unite and not divide.

My art gives me an image of my relationship with Mother Earth and each other where we should celebrate all abilities on this planet. Loving kindness is the key to connecting with others on a spiritual level.

I have always attempted what is out of the ordinary, and will achieve the wonderful impossible. I have used all aspects of my difficult life to devise my own style of art. My art is a tender plant being watered daily. Art is magic, and magic is a lifestyle which should be a labor of love while being an example of art and craft. My roots are extremely strong and no tree lives without them.

My mother’s blood flows in my veins as I experiment meticulously with experience. There are so many people that need help and every day is a chance to bring light to them. The energy within my little vessel has passed through many transformations and stages of Alchemy to make me the individual I am today. I will always fight for freedom. Within my blood centuries of fire blazes! I believe the Phoenix will spread its wings and fly. We have a Voice. Adversity will either empower you or defeat you, it’s Your Choice!

No Law is Higher than TRUTH.

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