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Supporting Fall's Transitions

Supporting Fall's Transitions

Posted by Jamie Rollins RN, BSN, CYT (she/her) on 15th Sep 2021

September is a month of transition here in New England. The days are beginning to get shorter as the temperatures move from warm and sunkissed to crisp and cool. It’s been years since I’ve experienced a proper New England Fall and I couldn’t be more delighted that this year I get to have the full seasonal enchilada.

The changing weather often brings with it imbalances in our energetic and physical bodies. As our exterior world transitions, we must stay present to the transitions that are also happening internally.

This is a time of year where excess vata - the subtle energy associated in Ayurveda with movement - can accumulate in our physical bodies and we may feel our nervous systems pop into high gear, or our joints start to get achy and sore, or our digestion becomes a bit sluggish.

If you’re feeling your nervousness creep up on you this fall make sure you are getting endocannabinoid system support in a form of oral CBD supplementation. I love NurseGrown’s CBD Capsules. One 25 mg capsule is the perfect amount to help balance and ground me to start the day. Find the dose that is right for you and keep on it!

If your joints are achy you can use NG’s topical balm or a CBD massage oil and rub directly into the affected achy area helping to decrease local inflammation.

You can also start adding more grounding spices to your morning oats or grains to help balance vata. Herbs like ginger and fennel for digestion) and chamomile and ashwagandha for nervous system support will help maintain the homeostasis of your entire psycho-physiological system.

Remember the importance of even just 5 minutes of morning meditation every day to help ground your energy and give you direction and purpose for the day.

And if you need additional grounding support please try some movement. Here is a great yoga sequence to encourage grounding of vata energy.

Curious what a dosha is - or what your dosha is? Take the quiz: What’s your Dosha? 

Photos by Joanna Kosinska and Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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