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Terpene Tuesday: Ocimene

Terpene Tuesday: Ocimene

Posted by Susan Lyn on 16th Mar 2021

TERPENE: Ocimene \ ˈäsəˌmēn \ monoterpene

Ocimene is a natural insecticide for plants. Some users find that cultivars (strains) high in ocimene can make them cough more, which links to its possible decongestant properties.

FOUND IN: Mint, parsley and orchids

AROMA/FLAVOR: Sweet, citrus, earthly

BENEFITS: Studies are showing antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, decongestant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory benefits.

Supportive for: (possible supports being studied)

  • Respiratory disease
  • Bacterial and fungal infection
  • Inflammatory disease

CULTIVARS (strains):

  • Strawberry Cough: energetic, happy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted
  • OG Kush: relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, hungry
  • Lemon Sour Diesel: happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic


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Photos by Shahzin Shajid and Doug Kelley on Unsplash

Disclaimer: The information provided is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, provide medical advice, or otherwise replace consultation with a qualified medical or health provider.

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