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Why Isn’t NurseGrown Organics In Stores?

Why Isn’t NurseGrown Organics In Stores?

Posted by Jessilyn Dolan on 16th Dec 2021

As we were developing the NurseGrown Organics business model, we made the conscious decision to not sell through wholesale retail stores. While that might go against traditional ways of doing business, we felt that our carefully cultivated and exquisitely crafted products shouldn’t be sold by just anyone, especially places like gas stations, which tend not to curate their offerings for quality and cleanliness.

We believe in educating consumers about the product they’re purchasing, and how it might best meet their specific needs. If we can’t trust someone selling NurseGrown to know about vitally important things like Clean Green Certification, full panel lab testing, or the difference between CBD, CBG, and CBN, then we can’t ensure that our customers are getting the best, most healthful experience with our products.

If someone’s life isn’t measurably better after they eat our gummies, take our hemp oil tincture, or use our hemp balm, then we haven’t done our job. Our motto is Patients Over Profits, and we will choose the well-being of our customers over our own financial gain every single time!

We also don't actively solicit stores to sell our stuff. The stores we do work with are companies that have approached us directly because they know what we make and what we represent. We want to work with stores that understand, value, and promote the importance of consumer safety and education.

Our motto is Patients Over Profits, and we will choose the well-being of our customers over our own financial gain every single time!

After all, while cannabis itself isn’t dangerous, molds, mildews, and other contaminants or additives can be, and we want to make sure none of that gets into anyone’s body - particularly not medical patients, who are some of the most vulnerable people out there.

We are excited to work with nurses and other professionals who’ve been educated about cannabis to help guide clients the right direction. We know first hand that folks working at medical dispensaries, let alone CBD stores, often don't have the in-depth knowledge to be able to assess and educate clients.

We also know that the answer to client questions isn’t always simply CBD or THC, and that often people need holistically-oriented support, with cannabis as just a piece of their puzzle.

Ideally, people who use any form of cannabis should understand how the plant works in and on their bodies, and we aspire to be the people who educate them about it, not just sell a bottle of tincture or a bag of gummies. This is what Patients Over Profits looks like in action.

We also want to support nurses - especially nurses who are trying to make a living outside of traditional health care settings. We love the idea of nurses making a healthy supportive commission just by mentioning and recommending our product line to consumers.

We’re honored to work with so many amazing nurses, and know that each nurse brings a unique ability and skill set to our amazing team. We could not do it without them!

Photos by Josiah Weiss and Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

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