NurseGrown Organics

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, support and empower consumers while promoting sustainable, organic agriculture through affordable, premium Vermont hemp products.

Cannabis Nurse, Farmer, and Herbalist, Jessilyn harvesting organic hemp.

Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp, Full Panel Lab Tested, Nurse and Herbalist Formulated!

Cannabis Products You Can Trust!

Our vision is a world where hemp farming and cannabis products can enhance personal and global health, healing and consciousness.

“After spending years researching as many of the Vermont hemp products I could, I wasn't able to find one I was 100% comfortable recommending to patients and medical colleagues. As an herbalist, I have been around cannabis and healing herbs for decades and truly believe in the power of plants. As a nurse, I am admittedly very particular and scrutinize the research and the products. People deserve the best and need to be able to trust their products.  I ultimately decided to grow and create something I could recommend.  Here it is.  Organically grown and processed in Vermont. A product, as a nurse and herbalist, I trust100%.” - Jessilyn Dolan, RN

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